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Enturo Medical Billing has the expertise to help you recoup the maximum reimbursement allowed.

Since 1995, Enturo Medical Billing has been successful at maintaining a 100% claim reimbursement rate vs. the published Insurance fee schedules for our clients. Our staff is fully trained, and knowledgeable of the continuously changing billing guidelines and requirements, that cause Providers to receive claim denials, which in turn effects their cash flow. It is our mission to provide our clients with professional service, clean claim submission, continuous claim follow-up, and ultimately the maximum allowed, to increase cash flow rapidly.

We recognize that our continuous training proves to be the key ingredient for the recipe of successful claim submission and rapid reimbursement that our clients have come to rely on. We have been HIPPA compliant since the October 16, 2003 effective date.

The end of month process can be a very stressful time for providers and their staff. We understand the need for immediate and accurate reports to complete this process. We provide the customized reports that fit each providerís needs, within the time frame that they request.

HMO reimbursement can become a tedious and frustrating process. Our company can become a valuable asset to any provider who has experienced this frustration. We are very successful at recouping the reimbursement from the HMO Carriers that have contracted with the provider to render services, or supplies, to the HMO Beneficiary.
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